Passerini: Announcement on his Site Today [Updated]

UPDATE: I wish to publicly apologize to Daniele Passerini regarding posting his message to me above. I misunderstood the intent of Daniele’s message to me, it was a private communication and I posted it here without his authorization.

He wrote this to me:

“If I’d known that my words would become public, I would have used different words.Those words were used for you, to figure out how the new post was born, not to anticipate its contents publicly.”

See also, Daniele’s comment below.

I have been corresponding with Italian LENR blogger Daniele Passerini regarding a post he made recently about hearing of possible new replications of the Parkhomov-style E-Cat reactor.

He had told me that he was not able to share details about this hint except to say that he had received confidential information about positive replications (not in the US, not in Italy, not in Russia).

Today I just received this mail from Daniele:

Good news Frank,
tonight (0:22AM of Rome and 18:22PM of New York), on my blog will be on line a post in which you will find the answers to the questions you made me two days ago. And not only that!
The author of the new post is Andrea Rampado, he’s the source of that my post that sparked your interest.

The title is “Putin, è imminente l’annuncio di una nuova fonte energetica?”, that means “Putin, is it imminent the announcement of a new energy source?”

Much earlier than I could imagine, these news are going to become public… better that way!

Among other things in this post you will find a hypothesis – which appears to have a lot of positive feedback – about the reason why were not measured neutrons coming from the E-Cat.

Daniele’s site is — it will be interesting to find out what is revealed in a few hours.