Andrea Rampardo: Private Ukrainian Lab Replicated Parkhomov — Detected Neutrons

The article promised by Daniele Passerini has been published on It is written by Andrea Rampado who recently visited a private Ukrainian laboratory where he reports that a team has replicated the Parkhomov version of the E-Cat.

He writes:

I returned a few days ago from a very interesting trip to Ukraine, I visited the laboratories (private) of a group of scientists who have replicated the E-Cat Rossi based on indications and specific publicly released by the Russian scientist Parkhomov, which in turn has successfully replicated the system of Rossi.

Rampado says that he was specifically interested in the production of neutrons, since he was surprised that in the Lugano report no neutrons were detected even though transmutation of isotopes was found. He consulted about this matter with Italian physicist Fabio Cardone who has suggested that the explanation could lie with the “Theory of Space Time Warped”.

Dr. Cardone says that neutrons must have been produced in the Lugano experiment, and the lack of detection lies in the improper use of the measurement software used by the testers, because these instruments were set up to measure neutrons produced in traditional nuclear reactions — i.e. where a continuous stream of neutrons is produced, instead of in a non-continuous or pulsed manner. Rampardo states that the Ukranian experimenters reported measuring neutrons, but that we are going to have to wait at least a year before seeing any scientific report from this group. Apparently they are involved in non-scientific (i.e. commercial) activity at the moment.

Andrea Rossi has reported, covered by Mats Lewan in his book An Impossible Invention, that in early experiments with Focardi, when they pushed the E-Cat very hard, that neutrons were detected using a neutron dosimeter (bubble detector), but none of the third party reports published so far, have any neutrons been detected.