Interview with Hank Mills on Implications of Parkhomov’s Work (Part 1)

Today I spend some time talking to Hank Mills, independent correspondent and long-time researcher in the field of alternative energy, to discuss the implications of the latest news from Moscow about Alexander Parkhomov’s most recent experiment (see here). We had a recording problem crop up towards the end of our interview, so we decided to continue our conversation at a future date.

Some of the topics covered in the interview:

  • The significance of Alexander Parkhomov’s recent experiment
  • The surprising apparent simplicity of achieving LENR reactions
  • The need for further replications to verify Parkhomov’s work, and the reality of the Rossi effect.
  • The need to persuade the mainstream media and scientific community of the validity of LENR
  • The role that the LENR community can play in moving LENR into the mainstrean, and the need for a united effort
  • How we might engage the academic and research communities to work with LENR

It was a pleasure to talk with Hank today, and I look forward to continue our conversations in the future.