Open Power Association Preliminary Report on Reactors With Tungsten Powder, COP of 2.26 Measured [Update — Video]

I received the following report today from Ugo Abundo at the Open Power Association in Italy, which provides a short overview of tests the association has been doing using a reactor containing tungsten powder and hydrogen (compared to a control run with argon instead of hydrogen).

They report:

“Hydrobetatron preliminarily performs up to 2.26 ratio in hydrogen vs reference run in argon, with electrically pulsed powders at Open Power Lab.

“The contribution of involved heat transfer phenomena is under analysis.”

“The complete set of runs will be discussed at ICCF19.”

The Hydrobetatron is the name of the reactor that the Open Power Association has been developing for some years now. It appears that the test reported here is not the Parkhomov-style experiment that the OPA has recently reported it is carrying out.

Report 012 Spring1 Ottimizzato

Thanks to Pelgrim for finding this video of the electrically pulsed Hydrobetatron: