“The Mother of All Black Swans”: Hydrinos and Cold Fusion (Tom Whipple)

Tom Whipple has written a new piece in the Falls Church News Press, a Falls Church, Virginia newspaper about what he considers could be a one-two punch that could save the planet from economic and environmental turmoil. The title of his article is “The Peak Oil Crisis: The Mother of All Black Swans”, and sees a good measure of hope in two new technologies that we have discussed at length on this site.

He writes:

What is desperately needed is a way for the world to stop burning carbon as quickly as possible without creating economic turmoil. There just may be an answer . . .

I am talking about the twin technologies of cold fusion and hydrinos, each of which, when widely deployed, will constitute a revolution in the history of mankind fully equivalent to the discovery of fire, the wheel, the agricultural revolution, or the industrial revolution

Whipple sees the work of Randell Mills at Blacklight Power, and Andrea Rossi at Industrial Heat, as the best hope for avoiding environmental catastrophe, and thinks that either, or both, could bring products to market within the next few years. He has written a number of columns over the years about LENR, and is one of the few writers to do so in U.S. newspapers. The newspaper reading population of Falls Church, Virginia are possibly the most educated about cold fusion in all of the country!