Airbus Files Patent for LENR ‘Power-Generating Device’

Thanks to AlainCo for posting about a recently published patent application submitted by European Aerospace giant Airbus for an ‘apparatus and method for power generation’. It appears that patent was first submitted on September 17, 2013, and was made public on March 19th, 2015. So it seems that Airbus has been paying attention for quite some time now, perhaps they were inspired by the publication of the E-Cat report by Levi et al which was published in May 2013.

Link to patent here:

The application was submitted in Germany and is written in German. Here’s a Google translation of the abstract:

To provide an environmentally friendly, suitable for the transport sector thermal energy source, the invention provides a power-generating device (10) for generating heat energy by an exothermic reaction in the form of a LENR by using a metal lattice-assisted hydrogen process, comprising: a reaction vessel (14) with a reactive LENR material ( 45) containing for carrying out the exothermic reaction, the reaction chamber (16), a field generating means (18) for generating a field in the reaction chamber (16) for activating and / or maintaining the exothermic reaction, a heat transfer means (20) for transferring heat into and / or from the reaction chamber (16), an operating parameter detecting means (28) for detecting at least one operating parameter in the reaction chamber (16), and a controller (26) which is adapted to the field generating means (18) and / or the heat transfer means (20 ) to control a function of the detected operating parameters for the stabilization of the exothermic reaction or regulate.

Two drawings from the application:


Below is a Google translation of the full patent document (original formatting has been lost)

Airbus LENR Patent (Google Translation)