Cold Fusion on Reddit Futurology

I noted yesterday that I was getting big spike in new traffic from a Reddit domain, and thanks to some sleuthing from readers here I found that the source of the hits was an article on Reddit’s Futurology subreddit here:

Reddit is one of the top site in the world when it comes to reader comments and discussion, and it can drive a lot of traffic from some of its most active subreddits (there are thousands of subreddits, which are groups on specific topics on the Reddit platform). Futurology is the 43rd most subscribed subreddit, with over 2.6 million subscribers — so that would help explain how having something posted there would almost double the daily traffic to E-Cat World.

If you go to the link posted above you will be able to see the discussion taking place about the article posted there. The linked article was about the Airbus patent application, but the discussion quickly expanded to a general one about cold fusion.

There’s nothing too surprising in the comments there — fairly typical skeptic/believer debates — but I think it does show that it only takes the right article in the right place to have the topic of LENR reach a much wider group of people than would normally pay attention to the topic, and I believe that power and reach of the internet and social media does have a great deal of potential for bringing awareness to the LENR field.