Airbus Representatives to Attend LENR-Cities Event on April 10 in Milan — Another ‘Very Big Group’ interested in LENR Research

Earlier today on the LENR-Forum, AlainCo posted that he had heard from LENR-Cities CEO Michel Vandenberghe who had “just confirmed me that Airbus Group Chief Scientist, Jean-Francois Geneste, will by at LENRG “G-Day” conference in Milano this 10th of April. There will be also a German Airbus representative.”

After reading this I chatted with Michel Vandenberghe about how things were going with his organization, and some of their plans and goals.

I mentioned to Mr. Vandenberghe that some people have surmised that Airbus submitted a patent application for LENR just to cover their bases in case it turned out that down the road LENR was a valid technology — in other words this was patent ‘trolling’ by Airbus. I asked if Airbus was seriously involved in developing LENR technology, and he said they were. He also said that he was aware of another ‘very big group’ that was seriously interested in getting involved in LENR research.

Mr. Vandenberghe said that at the meeting in Milan on April 10th, they would be making an announcement about their ‘G-Day’ program which he believes will be of interest to all large companies, and will announce several LENR large programs which will be open to industrialists. They will also make an announcement about a proposal to use LENR technology for the purpose of nuclear remediation.

He said that he has been invited to speak in Germany in June to speak about how LENR can be adopted in a smooth way using an ‘open business’ model.

Mr. Vandenberghe said the details would be announced next month in Milan, and referred me to their updated web site for an understanding of their overall approach. See here: