Rossi: During E-Cat Plant Test, Research Continues on Hot Cats and Systems of Producing Electricity

What can you do to pass the time while sitting inside a shipping container monitoring a year-long test of an E-Cat plant?

Well, according to Andrea Rossi, quite a lot. Yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he was asked by a reader about what he and others of his team were doing, specifically referring to testing the Hot Cat and generating electricity.

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi

As I already said, the R&D on the Hot Cat is going on here where I am working with the 1 MW E-Cat, where a test line for the Hot Cats has been set up. About the electric power generation, we decided for the Carnot Cycle, made possible by the temperatures we can reach with the Hot Cat.
We are making R&D also for other systems of electric power production, about which I must hold confidentiality, but not reached so far acceptable efficiency and reliability. So far.
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So it seems he is keeping quite busy, and focusing on the production of electricity. His reference to deciding on the Carnot cycle indicates they are doing to be starting out with trying for the most efficient piston-driven heat engine they can, but they are also looking at ‘other systems’, which we will have to guess about for now. Perhaps they are exploring the use of a Stirling engine with the E-Cat, or continuing the examination of the generation of direct electrical production from the E-Cat — Rossi has mentioned in the past that they have measured electromagnetic effects coming from the E-Cat.

And how is the 1 MW plant performing? I asked Rossi what kind of ‘mood’ the plant these days. He answered, “The voice of the E-Cat during these nights is constant and stable. But unpredictable too, as always!”