Parkhomov Report Thread (Update #4: Transcriptions of Presentation (English and Russian)

UPDATE #4 (March 27, 2015) Many thanks to Ilya from Russia who send the following to me:

Document russian original:
Auto-Translated to english:
This is russian text transcriptions of video
With english translations at images.
(and at next week we continue this)
This works was done with help of project:


UPDATE #3 (March 27, 2015) Alexander Parkhomov’s report has been uploaded here.Many thanks to Peter Gluck for providing an English translation of the report on Ego Out. I have combined his translation with the slides from the presentation in the document below — rough formatting.)

Alexander Parkhomov Mar 26

UPDATE #2 (March 26, 2015) The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has done a good job capturing the slides from the presentation. See this link: A Russian speaker on the LENR Facebook page explains: “3 days cop 2.5 (in rigor evaluation) 3.3 (in not rigor evaluation). Actually he is not talking about self sustained mode . . . he did strict evaluation because of reaction to critics.” UPDATE #1 (March 26, 2015): Thanks very much to artefact — here’s a video of today’s talk by Alexander Parkhomov. It’s all in Russian of course, but it should be not too difficult for non-Russian speakers to get at least an idea of what he found in his experiments by looking at the slides. The good news is, that it looks well documented and I am sure we’ll get the presentation published before too long.

In trying to decipher the charts, I find at about 12:30 on the video there is text that reads 1100/330(I assume that refers to Watts)= COP 3,3. The next slide at about 14:00 it reads 880/330 = COP = 2,4 Today is the day that Alexander Parkhomov is to present a report on his recent experimentation with an E-Cat replica reactor at a seminar the People’s Friendship University in Moscow. According to Peter Gluck’s Ego Out site, the topic of the seminar is Cold Nuclear Fusion and Ball Lightning which will start at 16:00 Moscow Time (GMT +3) Dr. Parkhomov will be speaking from 17:30-18:00 Moscow time on the topic of “About the results of long time testing of the new variant of analog of the Rossi reactor”. We have heard that the most recent experiment started on March 16. There was an interruption when the heater element wire failed on March 20th, and the experiment restarted on March 21. I haven’t heard whether it is still running — we should find out today. So this thread is where we will follow the news. I hope there is someone at the meeting who might give us a report, and that a report from Dr. Parkhomov will be published online. If you hear anything, please make a comment in this thread, and I’ll update this post with any news I hear.