Brian Ahern to Start Parkhomov-Style Experiment Sunday [Update #2: Null Result with Sodium (Monday)]

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about this on the Always Open thread:

UPDATE #2 (Mar 31, 2015)

David Nygren on the LENR-Forum provides an update from Brian Ahern who wrote: “I regard the NaAlH2 run as a null result. We load LiAlH4 tonight.” See here for full thread:

UPDATE #1 (Mar 16, 2015)

Brian Ahern has posted on the LENR Forum that they are starting the experiment today:

We have 4 6mm OD alumina tubes side by side. The outer two hold thermocouples. The inner two hold a blank and the the Ni-255 + NaAlH4

Were calibrating the tube furnace right nw

There’s an interesting post over on LENR-Forum written by Brian Ahern ( who reports that he and two other researchers (Jeff Driscoll and Andrew Anselmo) are planning a Parkhomov-style replication in an experiment which Ahern says he expect to do this Sunday, (March 15th, 2015).

Ahern says that they will be doing a simultaneous active run and control run on two reactors which will be heated in a tube furnace, one with just nickel in it, and the other with nickel plus NaAlH2 (as opposed to LiAlH4 used by Alexander Parkhomov). I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind using sodium (Na) instead of lithium (lithium was mentioned as being an ingredient found in the Lugano E-Cat fuel) — perhaps it is a safety concern.

It’s good to see an experiment ready to go — and that Brian Ahern’s team seems ready to share their results. I look forward to learning how things go with this experiment, and would hope and expect that they will post more on the thread that Ahern started on the LENR Forum.