LENR Startup Clean Nuclear Power Launches Website, Announces Plans

Thanks to AlainCo for sharing this interesting news about Clean Nuclear Power.

Clean Nuclear Power is a Swiss startup company with the goal of developing clean LENR energy. CNP’s new website gives some interesting information about the company, including about patents granted and applied for.


Here is a quote from their website:

On August 5th, 2014, under the aegis of the company Clean Nuclear Power based in Lugano in Switzerland, a patent was issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. At its core lie the prospects for power sources based on LENR or LENT (Low Energy Nuclear Transmutations).

Currently, two further applications are being processed : one by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in relation to the registration of the patent in the US territory and one by the European Patent Office in relation to the registration in the European territory.

At the heart of the prototypes created there is a lithium cylinder wrapped around a palladium hybrid current carrying rod, but at the same time insulated from it.

Such device is so efficient that within 1 gram of appropriate material successfully transformed lies a truly gigantic discovery : in just one hour, over a billion megawatss of power can be produced!

The key players involved in CNP are two well-known physicists in LENR circles, Yogendra N. Srivastava and Allen Widom, both of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. The CEO is Filippo de Jorio, whose background is in finance and securities trading.

Information on CNP’s website indicates that the company is the pre-production phase — they state that their first goal is to develop a proof-of-concept model ‘to demonstrate that the experiments and the theory are correct, safe, controllable and reproducible.’ The next goal is the building of prototypes, before they are able to start production.

So it appears there will be a lot of R&D work to do before the company can demonstrate products (although in the quote above they mention ‘prototypes created’), and at this point they presumably will be seeking investors to help fund these operations.