E-Cat World Collaborative Project: To Create Instruction Document on How to Replicate Parkhomov (Update)

UPDATE: We’re making some progress on this project! Anyone who would like to get involved in the collaboration is welcome to join.

We actually have two documents going on right now. We added a second document called the Reactor Detail Focus, which is just focusing on the design of the Parkhomov reactor itself (March 2015 edition). Here’s the link to the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1baY5NrY28pABG-HihGRnlnIN1GMWvCFvS1r9wPIU_kg/edit Anyone who would like to have access to edit this document can submit a request via the document, or email me ([email protected])

There’s also an email discussion group we have set up for people involved in the project. If you’d like to join it you can request to subscribe at this link: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/parkhomov-instruction-project

The original document we started with is for other aspects of the Parkhomov experiment, such as testing protocols and safety procedures. It can be accessed here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uix-Jd3kI2lPx-3ODEotFnIXPvLtFLpv8m7RFdmwVrU/edit?usp=sharing

As has been mentioned many times now, if we could see multiple successful replications of the Parkhomov experiment it would help in raising the profile of the Rossi Effect, and LENR in general, and bring it greater mainstream acceptance.

There has been some discussion here and elsewhere about whether it is possible to write a set of instruction on how a replicator can make an Alexander Parkhomov-style reactor, and run the same experiments he has done.

There is quite a lot of information out there in various places and formats on Parkhomov’s reactor, but it would be nice it it were possible to put together a set of fairly concise instructions that someone could give to a replicator, or take to a university science department or a laboratory, which they could follow to attempt a Parkhomov replication.

Since there are many knowledgeable people from all around the world carefully following LENR happenings, I thought it might be interesting to try a collaborative project and see if it would be possible for interested persons to participate in the creation of a document that could be used to guide researchers trying to replicate Parkhomov’s work.

Open source activities are often by their nature somewhat disorganized, with everyone working as volunteers, so it will be interesting to see how successful this attempt might be, and if something useful will be produced. I will try make it as easy as I can for people to contribute to the recipe document.

Here are some of my proposed my parameters for this project:

Instructions for this project should be how to build a copy of the reactor described in the March 26 report 

This is an obvious choice since it has lasted longer than any of Parkhomov’s designs so far. We will try and keep as close as we can to his published design, and the procedures he used. These instructions should not be to build a ‘newer improved version’ of the reactor.

Variations of the Reactor

By all means, these instructions can be adapted for other versions of reactors, but different designs should be put in separate documents and would fall outside the scope of the initial project. If this model of collaboration works, it could be repeated for other instructions.

How to contribute to the collaborative document:

I have created a Google document here that I will give access to anyone who wants it. To edit it, you will need access to it, and I will give access to anyone who makes a request through the document, or sends me an email address (send an email to [email protected] and put ‘Replication Instructions’ in the subject line)

If you don’t want to access the document, but you want to contribute content, you can put your suggestions in the comments below this thread, or in the permanent thread that will be created if the project takes off.

Project Leadership

I hope the group can work via consensus for the most part, but the project will need to have some kind of team leader — someone who makes final decisions about what gets in and what gets left out. If someone wants to volunteer for that role, please let me know of your interest.  If no one wants to, then I suppose I will by default be the chief editor, although I’m sure I’m not the most qualified in terms of science and technology.

Communication among Collaborators

As we carry out this project it will be most helpful to be able to discuss it with others. The Google doc system allows for comments between collaborators, so that could be very useful.

We also have a group set up on LENRConnect called Replication Cookbook, and there is a forum in there that can be used for discussion. You can join the group here: http://ecwconnect.ning.com/group/replication-cookbook (you’ll have to create an LENRConnect account if you don’t already have one)

We can also have a Skype group where collaborators can communicate via instant message. If you would like to be a part of this group, please let me know in an email ([email protected],com), and send me your skype ID. I will need to have you as a contact in order to add you to the Skype group.

There may be other modes of communication between collaborators that would work.

Purpose of the Document

Remember, the purpose of the document is to give instructions to someone on how to build the reactor, therefore the document should be clear, concise and well organized.

It may be necessary to provide a ‘best guess’ about a particular part or material used, if there is some uncertainty, and if we are making best guesses, that should be made clear in the document.

These instructions should not include theoretical speculations, critiques of the reactor, or suggestions for improvements to this particular design. If you want to provide instructions for a different design, by all means do so, but create a different document.

Permanent Thread on E-Cat World

If this project gets enough support, I will put a permanent thread on E-Cat World (below the Always Open thread) for the duration of this project where people can view the work in progress and comment.

Reference Sources

Information about this version of the reactor can be gleaned from a number of sources. Here are some key documents and videos that can be consulted for reference:

Results of Long-Term Testing of the New Variant of the Rossi Thermogenerator Model By Alexander Georgevich Parkhomov (English translation by Bob Higgins with Google Translate) Original document in Russian here. Peter Gluck’s translation here.

Alexander Parkhomov Presents at People’s Friendship University, March 26 (YouTube, Russian)

Transcription of Dr. Parkhomov’s Presentation on March (machine translated) 26 (www.unconv-science.org — original Russian transcription here)


There should be a strong disclaimer that goes along with these instructions. Anyone who attempts to build this reactor (or any other kind)  should take ALL NECESSARY SAFETY PRECAUTIONS when working with the materials described. These instructions are provided for educational purposes only, and anyone attempting to follow these instructions is responsible for ensuring they follow proper safety procedures. If you do not have the facilities, equipment, or skills to safely follow the instructions, you should not attempt to follow the instructions.

Anyway, I put this idea out there for people to consider. If you are interested, get in touch and let’s see if we can do this. If we don’t get enough contribution, the project will probably fail. It might be a useful effort; and I think it might be worth a try.