ECW Commenting Rules Updated

It’s been a while since I looked at the Commenting Rules page here at E-Cat World, and I have gone through the page and made some updates and clarifications, and wanted to bring it to the attention of readers. Below is the text most recent version of the page which can also be accessed via the navigation bar above.

E-Cat World is a site that takes LENR seriously, and accepts it as a valid field of research, and a potentially useful energy source. , this site is not a venue where  LENR/cold fusion skeptics are given free rein, or a place to debate whether LENR/cold fusion is real. Here we assume here that LENR/cold fusion is a valid scientific phenomeon, an important topic, and one worthy of mature discussion.

This being the overall philosophy of the site, readers are invited to comment, but there are guidelines regarding comments, and moderation is used which can result in comments being deleted.

The following types of comments are subject to moderation:

  • Comments that state openly or by implication that LENR/cold fusion/E-Cat (etc.) is a fraud or hoax
  • Comments of a deriding or mocking nature
  • Personal attacks on other commenters and/or other persons
  • Comments by commenters who continually make off-topic comments
  • Comments that could be considered defamatory, slanderous or libelous
  • Comments that are excessively obnoxious
  • Comments that include profanity
  • Needlessly repetitive comments
  • Comments arguing for or against political ideologies, parties, or candidates
  • Comments arguing for or against religious beliefs or practices

The content, context, tone of comments are taken into account when making decisions about moderation.

Not every comment goes into the moderation queue, but there are many that do. There is also an automatic spam filter in place which I have no control over. Occasionally, and for reasons I don’t understand, perfectly innocuous comments end up in the spam filter. Since I rarely check the spam file, you may need to contact me to let me know if your posts are disappearing for no apparent reason.