Rossi on Mainstream Physics and the LENR Community

Andrea Rossi took the opportunity today to hold forth regarding his thoughts about the response of the scientific community to the subject of LENR. His comment here is in response to a question about why the mainstream scientific community has fought against LENR.

Andrea Rossi

First and foremost, many scientists of the “mainstream” Physics community are approaching LENR unbiased after the enormous work that has been done in the last four years, mainly by me and my Team ( honestly and sincerely, without hypocrisy). For example, all the Professors that made the ITP Lugano Report belong to the mainstream as well as the scientists of NASA, Airbus, Lockeed Martin, Boeing, DOE, DOD, MIT, etc. etc, etc that started at various levels a serious R&D program on LENR. This said, the so called LENR community did its best to transform itself into a sect in a ghetto, writing a lot of stupidities ( think to the electron capture saga) among some very good paper ( Mizuno, Ikegami, etc). Most of all, what made ghettized the so called LENR community is the attitude to write a lot, talk a lot vociferate the most, working and studying as less as possible and over all not spend their own money to make R&D, but only search for money of others ( which shows that they are the first not to believe to what they say; I do not know of any of them who sold his house to finance themselves, as i did). I calculated in 1:100 the mean ratio between pages of Physics studied and pages of Physics written by most of the wannabe scientist self defined “nuclear physicists” inside the so called “LENR” community. As my friend Sergio Focardi said many times: ” The problem is that they are searching for new physics without studying the existing physics before”.
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It’s interesting here to see Rossi defend mainstream science, and show little respect towards the LENR community in general (he notes some exceptions, too). Rossi has a strong interest in physics (he mentions studying it for two hours each day is one of his habits), and shows here that he falls firmly in the mainstream camp when it comes to LENR, seeing no need for new physics to explain the Rossi Effect. Hopefully we’ll be able to get an idea of his theoretical thinking when the paper he has been talking about writing finally gets published. The ‘work, not words’ theme is typical of Rossi.

This post may provide on reason why Rossi has so far avoided participating in any of the LENR conferences that have been held over the years.