Cranking up the Heat in an LENR Experiment [Update: Full Report by Brian Albiston, aka Wishful Thinking Fusion]

UPDATE: A full report of the experiment mentioned below by Brian Albiston (aka Wishful Thinking Fusion) report has been published, including pictures and charts, here:

His conclusions:

Only after reviewing the data did I realize how dramatic the temperature increase had been. If the temperature reading was accurate (and that is a big if) then the rate of temperature increase was spectacular. On the above plot you can see the natural asymptotic rate of temperature increase when the power was increased to 325W, then at ~1900 sec the temperature jumps 25C in a matter of seconds. Again when the temperature was increased to ~335W the rate of temperature increase is incredible. It is possible that this data is the result of a thermocouple near death, but if it is accurate then it shows extraordinary excess heat. Only further testing will make that clear.

I thought this post by Wishful Thinking Fusion this was an interesting thing to highlight here. It was made in response to Hank Mills’ article here:

Hank, I think your comments are dead on. Based on your constant calls for higher temperatures I decided to throw caution to the wind and turn up the heat way past my heater manufacturer’s spec on my heretofore lifeless reactor last night….and interesting things happened. I can’t give many details until I get home tonight but here are some teasers:

(Click on the links to see charts and data)