New LENR Film, Following Nature’s Documents (Ruby Carat)

I recieved the following message from Ruby Carat yesterday regarding a short documentary film she has produced and which will be shown at the ICCF19 conference:

The movie (18:28) looks at the method of initiating the cold fusion reaction called co-deposition. Co-deposition became the basis of Navy LENR research at SPAWAR Systems Center for over twenty-years, yielding results such as excess heat, nuclear products and transmutations.

Following Nature’s Documents is compiled from video interviews conducted in January 2015 with Dr. Stanislaw Szpak, Dr. Frank Gordon, and Dr. Melvin Miles in San Diego, California.

It will be shown at the ICCF19 conference as a short before the screening of The Believers, a movie about the early controversy of cold fusion. It is the first in a series of videos to be made profiling Navy LENR research on the West coast.

Thanks for your support, thank you Jeremy Rys for inspiring me to make movies about cold fusion, and I pray we hear some GOOD NEWS at this historic conference!


The film is below.