Report by Jack Cole — Apparent Excess Heat Produced in New Experiment

Thanks to Josh G for sharing this.

A new post on Jack Cole’s LENR-Coldfusion website reports on a new experiment to try and replicate Alexander Parkhomov’s work he has completed which shows an apparent energy gain in the production of excess heat.

Jack used a nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride mix inside a 9″ long alumina tube 1/4″ ID (inner diameter) and 3/8″ OD (outer diameter). Empty space within the tube was taken up with an alumina rod ceramic oxide/alumina mix.

Jack used a PID controller (which employs a feedback loop to maintain a steady temperature by varying the input power) and tested his system at various temperatures; the chart below shows the different temperature levels tested, and calculated COPs based on three different calculation methods. (See the article for more details about the different calculations)


He concludes his report:

Consistent with the findings of Alexander Parkhomov, this experiment demonstrated apparent excess heating in temperature regions above 1100C utlizing two separate sets of measurements (heat flux and calibration curve for the tube temperature below 1100C). The COP values ranged from 1.3 to 1.8 based on the reaction tube surface temperature and 1.05 to 1.5 based on the re-calibration of heat flux. I invite the reader to criticize this work so that we may determine if these results are related to LENR or related to some unrecognized error.