Rossi Reports Online Meeting with Parkhomov, Plans Visit to Russia in Future (1MW Plant Stable, Hot Cat Efficiency Improving)

Andrea Rossi reported on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today of an interesting communication he has had with Alexander G. Parkhomov. In a recent response to a question about Parkhomov’s work, Rossi posted that he thought AGP’s work was important, and that they had something in common: they are both hard workers.

Then today, he added this new comment in connection with the first.

Andrea Rossi
April 17th, 2015 at 8:41 AM
Quinton Heri:
I want to complete my answer with an update regarding Dr Parkhomov.
Yesterday I, for the first time, had a direct conference with him on Skype. He was in Italy for the ICCF with his niece Ecaterina ( nomen omen: Ecat-erina) who translated from Russian to English for him.
He explained to me the scheduled replication he is organizing with more reactors he is preparing and I have been positively impressed by his professionality and his intellectual honesty. He is humble, doesn’t speak too much, has all the signs of a strongly working person. Typical Russian. He honoured me inviting me in Russia, where I will go as soon as I will have completed the 1MW E-Cat test.
Warm Regards,

It’s good to hear that the two men seem to get along well, and they plan to meet up in person to discuss work. I wonder if Rossi is giving him any tips!

PS: In another comment on the JONP, Rossi gave a brief status update on the 1 MW plant, and his Hot Cat research:

Update: She [the 1 MW plant] is working nicely, stable in these days. The work on the Hot Cat here is going on also, with a R&D that is substantially improving its efficiency.