Parkhomov Reports on ICCF-19, Meeting with Lugano Testers (Who are Also Replicating)

Thanks to Sanjeev for reporting this information which came via LENR-Forum:

Alexander Parkhomov has made a post on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM site a brief report of his visit to ICCF-19, which includes some interesting news about meeting with some of the testers who were involved in the Lugano experiment.

He posts (Google translated from the Russian)

Conference ICCF -19 was quite successful. 470 delegates, 98 reports. This record performance. Characterized by optimism, a premonition of great achievements. The conference was held in the most prestigious indoor Padua Palazzo della Ragione, in the grand hall with 800 years of history, with frescoes by Giotto and Miret.

I attended the University of Bologna at the invitation of Giuseppe Levi, one of the experts who observed the operation of the reactor Rossi in Lugano. He showed his experimental setup and organize communication on Skype with the University of Uppsala (Sweden) with other experts in Lugano Peterson and Bo. They showed their devices to be launched in mid-May. Then our Skype – conference joined Rossi. The first time was able to talk with this extraordinary man. He plans to visit Russia.

So it seems that the contacts between Rossi and the Lugano team is continuing — and that they are working on their own experiments — and now Parkhomov is in communication with all of them. It will be interesting to see how all this turns out. Knowing the Lugano team, they will prefer to work quietly, but if Parkhomov is correct in a May release of information.