Rossi on Hot Cat Improvements

From what Andrea Ross has told us, we know that while he sits inside his shipping container monitoring the performance of the 1 MW plant, that he is keeping busy with other projects. He has mentioned working on his theoretical collaboration with Norman Cook, and also working on R&D with the Hot Cat (high temperature E-Cat)

Rossi has reported that the 1 MW plant is working well at the moment — in a stable manner, and also that the COP is very high, since the plant is operating in self-sustain mode most of the time (meaning no input power required to maintain the reactions). He also commented recently about the Hot Cat:

The work on the Hot Cat here is going on also, with a R&D that is substantially improving its efficiency.

I asked Rossi whether he was able to get the same kind of performance out of the Hot Cats he is working with. Here is his response:

Frank Acland:
The modifications I am making in these days on the Hot Cat have been inspired by the new reading I am making of the book of Prof. Norman Cook, and from our discussions during the making of the paper published on Arxiv. The results are important, but before talking of data I prefer continue the test that is on course in the container of the computers, here in the factory where the 1 MW E-Cat is working. I think the results could be even better, but we need a long work of R&D on it.
Besides: the results of all this endeavours could also be negative… ( I don’t remember the number of the “F”…)
Warm Regards,

Here’s another comment in a response to another question:

Let’s complete all our R&D on course, whose results could be either positive, or negative.
When the R&D and the tests on course both on the 1MW E-Cat and on the Hot Cat ( very innovative), we will focus on commercial issues and all their implications.

It sounds like a significant evolution has been taking place with regard to the Hot Cat, and I find it very interesting and encouraging that the improved performance seems to have come via theoretical understanding, rather than just trial and error. I think this ties in with what Tom Darden recently said he was impressed with about Rossi — that he was ‘intensely theoretical’, rather than being a tinkerer.

Discussing theory for theory’s sake is one thing — but theory that can substantially improve the performance of a product in the real world is something much more significant. If the performance of the Hot Cat can match, or even exceed the performance of the 1 MW plant which is apparently running very efficiently, then Rossi and IH have a very useful product on their hands, since the high temperatures of the Hot Cat are the key to efficient electicity generation — something the low temperature plant is not suited for.