ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #10: Conference Wrap-up from Cold Fusion Now)

UPDATE #10 (April 23)

There’s a very nice article on Cold Fusion Now here (http://coldfusionnow.org/iccf-19-start-of-new-cycle/) which provides a wrap-up of the week’s events in Padua, with highlights and impressions from many of the conference attendees. It’s well worth a read. I found it interesting that there were four countries vying for the privilege of holding the next meeting (reminded me of bidding for the Olympics), and the decision was made to hold the next meeting in Japan and China — beginning at Tohaku University and ending with a ‘satellite’ meeting at Xiamen University in China. I’m not sure exactly how that will work, but I think it’s quite significant that there is so much competition for the conference now.

UPDATE #9 (April 17)

Live from Padua Italy is a new MFMP test using a GlowStick with Parkhomov fuel — live video is below:

Part 5 of the videocast:


Part 4 of the videocast:


Part 3 of the videocast:


Part 2 of the videocast:


Part 1 of the videocast:

Direct link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr3fd3PFx8U&feature=youtu.be

Bob Greenyer says that screengrabs will be posted in this folder: http://bit.ly/1CUhCyl

UPDATE #8 (April 17)

Alan Smith, April 16 2015 — Around 400 people were at the conference today, and I managed to talk to Mats Lewan, Robert Godes and Peter Hagelstein about their work and thoughts. Peter and I discussed his vision of the potential ‘best uses’ for LENR for a quarter of an hour or so. He is particularly interested in the potential of LENR for powering better robots – not the toys we have now, but robots with the power and stamina to move amongst us like real people. He also sees the potential for making the world a better and cleaner place. Massive de-salination projects, the clean-up of nuclear waste by transmutation, CO2 capture or even denaturing would also become possible with LENR. Speakers at this conference have increasingly talked about transmutation of ‘fuel’ into a startlingly large variety of elements. This leads one to hope that maybe 10 years in the future we will be able to make one element into another as we wish- analogous to the way that biotechnologists are finding methods to produce complex proteins- using living systems as manufacturing systems.

I was invited to attend a fascinating ‘off site’ presentation given by Dr. Vladimir Dubinko from the Kharkov Institute of Physics & Technology (Ukraine) to Klee Irwin and colleagues from Quantum Gravity Research in Los Angeles USA. I had spoken to Vladimir earlier in the week and thought his simulation work on ‘breathers’ fascinating – and a terrific fit with Klee’s own research. This led me to arrange their meeting.

For those that haven’t heard of them, breathers is the name for the tiny ‘hot-spots’ where LENR reactions are born. They typically occur in quasi-defects in the atomic lattice. It’s a complex topic, but in brief Vlad has shown how atomic ‘ping-pong’ at breather sites my overcome the Coulomb barrier with only small (by nuclear standards) inputs of energy. And he has the mathematics to describe it – which I confess I only dimly comprehend.

Tomorrow evening I will be in Venice, dining with Aleksander Parkhomov, Vladimir Dubinko and a couple of other conference delegates. Should be an interesting dinner, and a marvelous end to an amazing week. The only small cloud on my horizon has been the sudden and total death of my netbook, but happily little data went to heaven with it. I have a camera full of interesting photos, and can maybe persuade Frank to put up a gallery soon. Back to the UK and real life on Saturday, it will seem a bit tame by comparison.

UPDATE #7 (April 16)

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is in need of a Variac to carry out an experiment they hope to do tomorrow. They need to bring down the voltage into the thyristor stack from the mains as the starting voltage is too high. The Variac will need to be 5kW minimum and will be needed in Padua first thing in the morning. If anyone can help with this please contact the MFMP via their Facebook page, or send me an email ([email protected]) and I can forward it on to the MFMP.

They have an experiment set up — see picture below:


UPDATE #6 The following video was sent to me from Cold Fusion Dog Bob who spoke with Klee Irwin, director of Quantum Gravity Research and a co-founder of Singularity University. Klee Irwin is friend of Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now, and in this video makes an offer to LENR researchers that could be very helpful.

Cold Fusion Dog Bob told me that the analysis that Irwin wants to perform is called X-Ray Diffraction. While Klee mentions dogbones in the video, the material / powder does not necessarily be from a dog bone – it can be from a cathode of other cold fusion experiments also.

UPDATE #5 Here are some selected tweets from Mats Lewan who is at the conference now. Mats’ Twitter feed can be accessed at: https://twitter.com/matslew

UPDATE #4 Day 2 Wrap-Up from Alan Smith

The day had some interesting presentations- I would personally pick on David Kidwell (USN/Darpa) who was a lively speaker with some interesting results to present Along with several other speakers he has detected RF emissions (broad spectrum) from his systems. This is difficult to explain by any conventional nuclear physics.

Peter Hagelstein also spoke in the morning session, and discussed anomalous emissions from his charged copperfoils- emissions which though they triggered and x-ray detector have been shown not to be x-rays. Right now he is not ready to describe them exactly.

Violante Vittorio spoke today – and he is one of the people Bill Gates saw when he went to ENEA in Rome. He is part of the wet-cell crowd who are generally less interesting to me.

Spent some time today discussing theory with Voladimir Dubinko – a very smart ukrainian experiment physicist and mathematician – and introduced him to Klee Irwin from Qauntum Gravity research because their ideas are so similar. They got on like a house on fire.

Also discussed a particular idea I have with mike mckubre and voladimir- they think it is very interesting. I’ll write more on it when I get back.

Tip of the day- talking to lots of people here about ‘frequencies’ — what do you put into the coil? All the answers I got were in the gigahertz area.

Tomorrow I will be spending some time with Parkhomov — will be having lunch and a chat.


Many thanks to Robert Ellefson for giving this report of Day 2 of the conference.

Well, I’m pleased to report that today was a high-quality program for this conference, with a full day of substantial technical presentations that seemed to often go longer than the 15 minutes allotted, which I appreciated.
I also was pleased to see Tom Darden still in attendance, and had the real pleasure of a quality conversation with a close friend of his. I was assured by him that Mr. Darden is not seeking to make money from his cold fusion ventures, and is honestly striving to make the world a better place with his investments in the field. I entirely believed these statements to be genuine, and his friend’s admiration for Mr. Darden’s character and ethics were clearly apparent. I was greatly encouraged by this, and took the opportunity to plead with this friend to ask Mr. Darden to do all he could to release the E-Cat technology for worldwide development and deployment ASAP, for the sake of humanity. His response was a very kind offer to introduce me to Mr. Darden if the opportunity arises before his departure, which I was greatly encouraged by. Since they are staying in the same small hotel as me, I think I just might get my chance to plead my case before the week is out. Of course, it is quite possible, perhaps even likely, that Mr. Darden does not (yet?) have the ability to do this, if Rossi has retained much of the fundamental IP stake, but at least he is in a position of some influence over the matter. Maybe compassion will win out after all!


I received the following from Alan Smith in Padua who has agreed to provide reports to ECW from the conference.

‘We are all keeping the same secret’: Mike McKubre

 One of the most interesting aspects of the conference for me was the increasing interest of delegates in open collaboration. This was headlined in Mike’s excellent speech in the morning session. He feels that year by year the detractors grow fewer and the supporters grow younger and increase in  numbers.
Certainly looking around at the 350 delegates in the hall there were plenty of people present who are obviously just at the beginning of their careers in science, and not the sea of grey heads one saw in years gone by.
Tuesday should see the attendance figure hit 450. The highlight of the day will perhaps be the presentation by Dr Norman Cook, who collaborated with Andrea Rossi on the recent theory paper.
During the day I had a chance to make contact with a number of researchers, including Alexander Parkhomov. I’m Hoping for more one-to one time with a number of key players later this week.



Many thanks to Bob Greenyer for the following comment and photo:

“Tom Darden gave a measured speech that introduced his organisations environmental credentials, respected the LENR communities sacrifice in the face of adversity and explained how he came to invest, his intention to do more investment and that he was in the space for the long haul.

He did say that he has been encouraged by progress”.

Tom Darden Speaking at ICCF19 — Courtesy MFMP

Video and text of Tom Darden’s talk can be seen on this thread: https://www.e-catworld.com/2015/04/14/tom-dardens-speech-on-lenr-at-iccf19/

It’s almost midnight in Italy so I thought it’s time to open up a live thread for reports and comments about the upcoming ICCF19 conference in Padua which start on Monday, April 13.

We’ll try and keep abreast of the latest developments coming out of the conference. Comments and reports from anyone at the conference are most welcome here — we thank in advance for sharing your news and views.

I understand that proceedings will be filmed and posted online at a later date, but I’m not aware yet that there will be any live streaming.

Here’s a link to the conference schedule for the whole week: http://iccf19.com/program_detail.html