POWER-GEN Europe’s Advisor Eyes Cold Fusion as Possibility for Decarbonization

Thanks to Gerrit for this interesting comment:

Europe’s energy transition has placed the nuclear sector at a crossroads, and members of POWER-GEN Europe’s Advisory Board consider the role of nuclear in Europe’s drive towards energy decarbonisation, ahead of the conference and exhibition which will take place in Amsterdam, 9-11 June, 2015

David Porter, Senior Advisor to the Global Energy team, Navigant:

“Nuclear power, while having massive potential, has never been able to distance itself from the perception that it is a ‘political’ technology.

“But, construction costs and timescales mean that it cannot be financed without a level of stability in policy that the EU and member states find hard to deliver. It remains, however, a technology that offers more than most to meet the challenge of the energy policy ‘trilemma’.

“Nuclear power will remain on the agenda and if we get a break-through in cold fusion, it will be even more important.”


I am not sure, but I read that last line as a factual statement and not as a sarcastic joke.