Live Parkhomov-Like Replication by ‘Firax Tech’ Taking Place (Video) [Update: Event over Reactor Failure]

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for pointing out this live replication effort that is going by someone going by the name of Firax Tech, in an unidentified location (but the experimenter seems to be a Russian speaker).

The author is commenting in the Youtube chat box, and so some details have been given. Thanks to Sanjeev for putting together the following information.

Test of Rossi analog. Red digits are temperature, digital multimeter below shows current. Design of the reactor is unclear and difficult to comment.

The experiment is a repetition of the reactor Parkhomov. Silicium tube with fuel. It took 5 hours. Hourly statistics shows fuel the nano Ni pre-dried + LiAlH4. 400mg of N ickel and LiAlH4 45mg

0.4mm diameter nichrome, wound 20 ohms, wound 60 turns, tube diameter 10mm, 7.6mm inner baked at 100-200C for ~ 2 hour

The tubes are sealed with plugs from clay model based on cellulose and Al2O3 as a filler. Additionally, the ends are filled with epoxy resin.

Part 2

Part 1

There are some images of this reactor and setup at this link:!KVIiEbKa!yMYLYtnPRnOHiv-qPohY8A

Here are a couple of the images:

Photo courtesy of Firax Tech
Photo courtesy of Firax Tech


I have started an open spreadsheet here for anyone who is following this experiment live to track data. It should be editable by anyone. Only two values entered so far because I am not sure what all the meters are — but please feel free to expand as you wish:

Here’s an embed of the spreadsheet that should update live:

The experiment ended at the 3:39:45 point on the second video when the reactor seemed to rupture, and sparks flew out of it. Firax Tech said a new experiment is planned for next weekend. Thanks to Firax for sharing this event with us all1