Rossi: Manufacturing and Outsourcing System in Place for E-Cat Plants

It seems that while Andrea Rossi and his team is working on current test of the 1MW plant, that Industrial Heat has been making plans for future production of the E-Cat plant.

Today Andrea Rossi responded to a question about the length of time it might take for IH to fulfill an order for 100 E-Cat plants with the following comments:

Andrea Rossi
May 2nd, 2015 at 10:29 AM
Provided the test on course ends up positively, an outsouring system and a manufacturing system has already been organized to be able to sustain the amount of plants that will be ordered. We will manufacture only the confidential parts, outsourcing all the rest.
The development of the manufacturing capacity will be developed proportionally to the actual amount of orders.
Warm Regards,

Obviously at the moment we are not able to indicate precisely a delivery term, but I suppose we will be in the average of the delivery terms of the sector.

This looks like a sensible strategy — outsource all possible production to people who have the facilities, capacity and personnel to do the job efficiently. I guess that only the E-Cat reactors themselves will be made directly by Industrial Heat.

Everything depends, of course, on the success of this current test — but if it does well it looks like IH is ready to roll its products out into the marketplace. We have yet to know what the cost will be for the plant — that will be a crucial piece of information which will be an important factor in the number of orders IH could get for these plants.