LENR Industry Association LENRIA Launches Website

At the ICCF-19 conference in Padua, a presentation about a new LENR industry association named LENRIA was made by Steve Katinsky, and now the organization has launched its website at http://www.lenria.org

The website describes LENRIA as “a new not-for-profit organization to advocate for both scientific study and, especially, commercial advancement of the field.  There shall be various member services to dues-paying individuals and companies”

It also states:

“To advance the progress and adoption of the resulting technologies, it will be necessary to develop industry standards and safety criteria for commercial products and processes.  This, and other factors, raised the question about an association for the new industry. Such an association for LENR has now been formed.”

The site has not yet listed how to join LENRIA, and how much membership dues will be, but you can indicate interest by filling out a form so you can be notified when membership is open.