Rossi on Tesla Motors and Elon Musk: ‘We are in Contact’

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today shared with Rossi a link to Tesla Motors’ Powerwall technology, and suggested that the Tesla battery could be used as means of starting the E-Cat’s reactions, and also to store energy produced. And then asked: “Did you ever considered to start some kind of co-operation with Elon Musk?”

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
May 7th, 2015 at 12:52 PM
Rafal Krych:
Very interesting as a storage of energy too.
We are in contact.
Warm Regards

This is a typically brief response which could be interpreted in a wide range of ways. At one extreme it could simply mean that once upon a time there was an email exchange between someone at Industrial Heat and someone at Tesla; on the other extreme it could mean that they are talking regularly at the highest levels. One can only speculate, but it does seem likely that each organization is aware of the other’s existence, and there has been some level of communication.

At the recent product launch event for the Powerwall battery, Elon Musk referred to the sun as a ‘handy fusion reactor in the sky’ which produces ‘a ridiculous amount of energy’ — and the Powerwall and Powerpack battery systems are designed to use solar. There was no hint from Musk that he was thinking about another source of power (LENR) to charge his batteries. However he’s a smart man, and I would imagine that if there was a chance that LENR could be shown to be a more effective energy source, he would be interested in making modifications in his model.

In addition, Rossi has mentioned in the past that solar-powered E-Cats could work in certain circumstances, so there may be ways for Tesla/IH collaboration to take place using solar as the energy source to drive E-Cats.

I don’t think Rossi will elaborate on his statement about being in contact with Tesla — but as always he seems open to ideas that are presented to him by his readers.