Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion (Video from

A new video has been produced by the website titled “Brief Introduction to Cold Fusion”. I think it’s very nicely produced and well written and gives a good introduction to the topic suitable for people who have very little background in the topic.

Most readers of this site will notice something quite quickly — the video focuses exclusively on the deuterium-palladium systems used by Pons and Fleischmann and other early cold fusion researchers. There is not mention of Rossi’s E-Cat or any other nickel-hydrogen system that seem to be showing a lot more promise than the early cold fusion reactors in terms of power output, and expense of materials used in the reactors. So for someone wanting to get up to speed on the current state of the field, it doesn’t tell the whole stoary.

The script for the video can be found on the LENR-CANR site here: