My Opinion Regarding Rossi/Cook Reaction Theory (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

Norman D. Cook, Andrea Rossi, «On the Nuclear Mechanisms Underlying the Heat Production by the E-Cat»,

Analysis of the experimental evidence from Lugano contradicts this reaction mechanism. A more appropriate analysis goes as follows…

The complete conversion of a proportionly large micro sized nickel particle with a 10 micron diameter might provide convincing supporting evidence that protons find their way into the center of these massive nickel particles by quantum teleportation. This quantum mechanical based movement is supported by the entanglement of protons in the hydrogen gas that surrounds the outside the nickel particle and the atoms of nickel inside the particle. Yes, Teleportation…like in star trek. A proton located in the hydrogen gas envelope does not need to find its way through large amounts of nickel by bumping and grinding their way through all that nickel. These protons just appear like magic inside the micro particle.

This conclusion might seem ridiculous on it face but this conclusion is fully supported by the experimental evidence from Lugano.

If the protons or in fact any subatomic particle did physically penetrate the nickel particle, we would expect that the outer layers of the particle would experience more nuclear reactions than the center of the particle. This penetration type of reaction would produce a layered ash profile. The outmost surface of the particle should have some copper and/or zinc content, and the inside should still have some untouched lower Z isotopes of nickel…like Ni58.

But NO, the particle is pure Ni62, completely homogeneous Ni62, utterly pure Ni62. It must be that the protons that make up the gas envelope see no material resistance to the penetration of the nickel. The entangled protons mated with each nickel atom move through the nickel particle via the 5th dimension in which entanglement works directly through the nickel bulk to its entangled nickel mate into the center of the micro particle or to its dedicate nanowire edge with equal probability. This looks like proton teleportation to me.

And even more perplexing, the delicate nickel nanowire surface covering of the miro particle is pure NI62. This delicate surface nano sized feature has suffered no subatomic particle impact damage what so ever. This ash looks the same as the fuel…physically unchanged but isotopically different.

No neutrons were detected so the active subatomic particle supporting the Ni58 to Ni62 transmutation must be protons from the gas outside the particle. These protons change themselves into neutron after they enter the Ni58 nucleus.

Yes, this is impossible to believe, If it weren’t for logic and the results of Lugano experiment, what other answer could there be?

Norman D. Cook and Andrea Rossi are inventing theory that has no experimental foundation from Lugano data. Rossi was as astounded as the rest of us when he got the transmutation results, but he put out his theory anyway.

Axil Axil