New Photo of E-Cat Plant Published

For whatever reason, Andrea Rossi and his team are keeping interest in the 1MW E-Cat plant alive. We have already seen some photos of the plant under construction, and now Rossi is promising another picture of the plant on location.

A reader on the Journal of Nuclear Physics reminded Rossi that he had said that he would publish a photo of the plant, and Rossi responded positively:

Andrea Rossi
May 24th, 2015 at 8:35 PM
Noe Cozzolino:
We are preparing a photo, it is not easy: our specialists must limit the definition to forbid enlargements, avoid to show confidential particulars, eliminate particulars that could identify the place, etc etc: it is not easy, our photos are always a compromise and such have to remain until the test on course will have been completed.
Warm Regards,

I asked Rossi if the photo would be published on and he responded, “Yes. I think this week.”

So that’s something for E-Cat enthusiasts to look forward to, although it sounds like they will be taking every precaution to makes sure no confidential information will be revealed. Still, this would open the door a crack more on the inner workings of Rossi and Industrial Heat. There is still a general skepticism about Andrea Rossi, and cpmmercial grade LENR/Cold fusion in the world at large, and every new piece of information can help a little to show a clearer picture.

Of course one photo would not give any indication of how well the plant works — and we are constantly reminded that the results of the test could be positive or negative.

UPDATE: Here’s the new photo of Rossi with his plant.