Report: Italian Technology Company TSEM to Collaborate with MIT, Texas Tech University and Industrial Heat in the US

Thanks to Sanjeev for posting about this on the Always Open thread.

There’s a very interesting post on Vessela Nikolova’s E-Cat the New Fire blog which reports about an interview with Concetta La Gatta, daughter of Eng. Antonio La Gatta, founder of Italian technology company TSEM. Readers here may remember that TSEM was the company that sponsored this year’s ICCF-19 conference in Padua Italy.

Concetta La Gatta, who works at TSEM made a very interesting comment during an interview with a website called Ambient & Ambienti about the future direction of the company, stating that her brother, who also works at TSEM, will be moving to the United States for a new project.

She says:

“Soon the excellent captain who is my brother Antonio will move to the US to direct the new US operating units in North Carolina, in collaboration with MIT, Texas Tech University, Industrial heat”.

That’s all she says about the topic, but those names together are certainly intriguing. It is quite possible that TSEM has built bridges with Industrial Heat. Tom Darden was hosted by Antonio La Gatta when he spoke at ICCF-19. The mention of MIT is interesting, since they were well known players in the downfall of Fleischmann and Pons back in the late 80’s and 90’s. We do know, however, that MIT professor Peter Hagelstein is a longstanding champion of LENR — and he was at ICCF-19.

Texas Tech University is less difficult to understand since Robert Duncan (who was also at ICCF-19) is Senior Vice President for Research at TTU, and is heading up the new Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES) there. Duncan is a well known supporter of LENR research.

TSEM is a company involved in innovative technology development, with a background in cold fusion research. Here’s a profile from Infinite Energy magazine.

“The conference is organized by TSEM, an Italian company focusing on energy, security and healthcare technologies. Conference Chair Antonio LaGatta is founder and president at TSEM. About four years ago, LaGatta led TSEM into the study of high bandwidth calorimetric measurement of palladium excess heat. TSEM has collaborated with SRI, ENEA and NRL.

“LaGatta writes in his Welcome Message: “Results achieved during the last years of works have been amazing and it’s now time to give a new emphasis to such important discipline. Deserving of a fresh perspective, the conference will be changing in parallel with how our world is about to change.” LaGatta notes that the organizers will make much effort in getting Italian media and international press to cover the event so that the world can “understand the importance of what the scientific community is doing and what the impact of these results will be for the entire world.”

At this point we know very little about the details of this collaboration, but it does sound like Tom Darden and others at IH are carefully building bridges to bring about his stated goal of implementing LENR technology to reduce pollution worldwide.