A Very Simple and Inexpensive Glowstick LENR Test (Axil Axil)

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

How to setup a very simple and inexpensive glow stick LENR test with a commercial microwave oven.

Use a microwave with a rotating glass turntable. Cover the glass turntable with a one inch layer of high temperature insulation.

Use a reactor design composed of an alumina or zirconia tube or a mixture of alumina and zirconia.

Put a fueled reactor and a unfueled reactor on opposite sides of the glass turn table. Use a IR temperature meter to measure temperature. Turn the microwave oven on and off automatically based on a program of gradually increasing minimum and maximum temperature setting of the reactors as they rotate on the turntable.

The unfueled and fueled reactor will receive the same average input power over time. If the LENR reaction becomes active, the fueled reactor will be hotter than the unfueled reactor.

Axil Axil