1 MW Hot Cat Plant to follow Current 1 MW Plant

If you are wondering what Andrea Rossi might be doing after the current test of the 1 MW plant is over, he has just revealed at least one new thing we can expect — a Hot Cat Plant. Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics he explained:

The Hot Cat 1 MW plant is object now of designing. We still do not have a prototype.
After the end of the test on course in the factory of the IH Customer ( F9) we’ll start the construction of a Hot Tiger.

Later he said more about the name after he was reminded that the Ukrainian ‘Tet’ group had already used the ‘Tiger’ name:

Andrea Rossi
June 16th, 2015 at 9:11 AM
Ecco Liberation:
Thank you for the information.
As a matter of fact, “tiger” will not be the name. The name will be simply “E-Cat” followed by a number that will correspond to the power in kW. Example for the Hot Cat of 1 MW it will be: E-Cat -HT 1000, where HT stays for the series with high temperature. For the low temperature series, it will be “LT”.
Warm Regards,

He also commented on the same thread that they were going to try to scale up the Hot Cat reactors to 250 kW each, as they are now apparently doing with the low temperature E-Cat reactors in the 1MW low temperature plant. (Which I think actually has a potential 2 MW capacity, because from what Rossi has said, and the pictures we have seen, it seems that 4 250 kW reactors have been added to the 100 10 kW ones. He won’t confirm or deny that, however.)