Polariton Coherent Light and Rossi’s Cat and Mouse

The following post was submitted by Axil Axil

In his blog comments, Rossi tells us that the “Mouse” and the “Cat” are two separate fueled modules. Only the mouse receives input power. Rossi also tells us that the mouse stimulates the Cat. The Cat produces almost all of the power since the Mouse has a COP of just over 1.

The question that is central to this method of stimulation is as follows: “How does the Mouse stimulate the Cat”. I would dearly like to see an experiment designed to answer this question. I feel that there is new physics involved in this stimulative process.

I believe that the “mouse” is producing a “quantum condensate” that somehow is affecting and stimulating the Cat possibly though the transfer of coherent heat energy. These energtic bursts in power are at the very core of Rossi’s control problem. The Rossi reactor module that receives input power seems to be susceptible to extremely energetic bursts in the LENR reaction produced by discontinuities in the AC current that drives the input heater.

Open source replicators have seen these bursts blowout their reactors when these reactors have a full fuel load. However, when the fuel load is significantly reduced to 1/3 of the standard fuel load, the bursts seen are contained by the structure of the reactor. It seems that the way power is applied to the reactor affects how the LENR reaction behaves.

Rossi has found a way to overcome this problematic blowout behavior. When the Cat is stimulated by the mouse, the LENR reactor does not burst and a blowout does not happen. The Mouse acts as a kind of stimulation filter to mellow the effects of the EMF stimulation. It may be that the heat produced by the mouse is coherent. Heat applied by a flame is most probably ineffective in stimulating the LENR reaction.

I am interested in seeing how this Mouse and Cat stimulation process works and therefore hope that an experiment is configured to explore this issue.


Could the mouse be a poloriton laser? A highly efferent laser has been developed that produces coherent light that uses electricity as a stimulant. In his Mouse, has Rossi developed a deep infrared polariton laser driven by EMF? At one time Rossi was developing a natural gas driven reactor where natural gas combustion produced heat for his reactor. But that design did not work. The heat produced by the gas was not coherent.

The Hot cat reactor has an alumina shell that is transparent to infrared light in the LENR reactive range. Could the Mouse be producing light that gets through the alumina shell of the Cat to stimulate the Cat?

The light produced by the Mouse can be tested for coherence by using Spectroscopy. If the line produced by the light is monochomatic, that is, produces a single sharp line in the spectrograph, the infrared light is coherent.

Axil Axil