Denis Vasilenko Publishes LENR Experiment Report

There’s an interesting document posted on the LENR-Forum by Denis Vasilenko reporting on the experiment he conducted on May 24, 2015 in which two reactors, one fueled and one without fuel were heated simultaneously.

The link to the experiment is here:

Denis writes in conclusion:

Operation of the reactor at the maximum heating continued for about 6 hours, and It stopped as a result of burnout of the electric heater of the reactor fuel. Severe destruction of cement in the central part of the tube with fuel and burnout cantal helix indicate highly significant excess of heat in comparison with empty reactor, where the spiral remained intact and visible only on small cracks cement surface, although the material, the dimensions of the tube and the electrical heating capacity of both reactors were identical. The pattern of destruction of the reactor fuel indicates that the temperature reaches at least 1300 ° C at an empty reactor about 1000 ° C.

There are some interesting detailed pictures which compare the burned-out fueled reactor with the unfueled reactor after the experiment concluded. I thought this was a well-done experiment which gave quite a good indication that there was some LENR activity going on.

I look forward to more experiments from Denis.