Norway’s Aftenposten Newspaper: Independent Confimation Rossi’s 1MW Plant Working (Source with ‘Heavy Scientific Background’ has Inspected Plant)

We have already mentioned here that the Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost has covered in general terms the topic of cold fusion, and has reported that Bo Høistad has said that his team has successfully replicated the E-Cat.

Another article in Aftenposten by Per Kristian Bjørkeng (who wrote the article linked to above) has written a second article which focuses on the 1MW plant that Andrea Rossi has been talking about for many months now.

I the article titled “Power Already Produced from ‘Impossible Source'” Bjørkeng writes (Google translated):

Renowned physicists deny that it is possible. But the inventor Andrea Rossi claims he now produces one million watts using cold fusion for a commercial customer – in an ordinary shipping container. An independent source confirmed to Aftenposten that the power plant already is in operation in a secret US customer . . . This source has heavy scientific background in relevant subjects, has even been present and able to inspect the container. The reason that he does not want to be named, is that it is considered very dangerous for his career to embrace the highly controversial phenomenon of cold fusion.

Many readers here would not be too surprised to hear this news, since many of us trust that Rossi has not been spinning a yarn about his work — but this is something that the world in general really doesn’t know anything about. I think to have Norway’s largest newspaper reporting that it has received independent confirmation a commercial grade cold fusion reactor is at work in an industrial setting is quite an important step.

Bjørkeng seems to understand the implication of this, if it all turns out to be true:

If it turns out that cold fusion works, this could be a possible solution to the climate crisis. With cold fusion it will be possible to drive a car for months without refueling. The only “consumer” is a few grams of nickel and hydrogen, which is converted into other isotopes. This will happen without either harmful waste or radiation.

But despite Bjørkeng is being cautious in concluding that the confirmation he has received means that cold fusion is a reality. He says that Rossi has been saying that he is close to a breakthrough since 2011, but “What is new is that an independent source can confirm that the experiment actually exists and seems to work well. This must not be understood as a final confirmation that LENR can be a functioning energy.”

I think that’s a fair conclusion given the fact that the testing period is not over and results of the test have not been published. But I do think that the signs are good that the plant is performing well, and at some point it will be impossible to deny that the E-Cat works, and a new superior energy source has been discovered and is ready to be put to use in the world.