Norwegian Newspaper Aftenpost Reports on LENR — (UPDATE: Bo Høistad Says Reports of his Team’s Confirming Lugano Report Not True)

Thanks to Mats Lewan for sending a link to this article from the largest Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten which reports on the topic of LENR/Cold fusion. (English Google translation of the article here)

It’s a typically very cautious mainstream media article, with all the necessary caveats and warnings from experts regarding how the phenomenon is impossible from the point of view of conventional physics. But it does open the door somewhat to the possibility that some hitherto unknown reaction might be taking place. Some well-known LENR proponents/sympathizers are quoted, including Robert Duncan from Texas Tech University, Michael McKubre from SRI International and Bo Bo Høistad from Uppsala University.


And it’s from Bo Høistad that we get the most interesting piece of information regarding an upcoming report of another apparently successful E-Cat Replication. From the article:

Bo Høistad, who is co-author of the Swedish reports, saying that the articles have not yet been published in a scientific journal because they have verified the results of a new experiment that is independent of Rossi in Italy. An article with further information regarding this is now under preparation. According Høistad it made three independent, similar experiments after their first report, all of which have produced the wanted excess energy.

This means that the reports that we have been hearing of the Lugano team carrying out a replication seem to be accurate — and now it seems that the replication has been successful. If we can get a detailed report from this team on their reactor build and testing protocol, it could go a long way in helping other replicators — which should help with greater public visibility and acceptance of the reality of the Rossi Effect.

I hope it won’t be too long before we see this report.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: (June 21, 2015) Bo Høistad has issued via email a correction to the newspaper report above:

“If information is given in a Norwegian newspaper that we have confirmed the Lugano result it is unfortunately not true.”