The History of Things to Come (Axil Axil)

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It is true that the U.S. scientific community, government, patent office, U.S. based global oil and gas companies, and so on, have a very hostile attitude toward the goals and methods that Rossi has employed in the past and wants to employ in the future. His “too cheap to copy” strategy comes from the Chinese industrial method of market segment monopoly building. This method has been employed to make China the unchallenged manufacturer of solar cells and wind mills worldwide.

Industrial heat and Rossi are on the same page here. The purpose of both Cherokee LLC and Rossi is the cleanup of the pollution caused by fossil fuels. China is the top candidate for a clean out and restructuring of their energy sector. Industrial heat will partner with China in the manufacturing and sales effort of the E-Cat. China will build a city to manufacture the E-Cat. The head of the communist party can make things happen and overrule regulations. The U.S. on the other hand will get its attack dog, the NRC, to keep the E-Cat out of the U.S. and all the countries that the U.S. dominate. The resistance to LENR will not be easily reversed in the west. But during this time of adjustment to the reality of LENR, the E-Cat will dominate in China and over time China will become an unchallenged military, cultural, and commensa l world power.

The power for LENR to change the world is truly awesome. China will come to dominate in science and there will be a brain drain of the best and most open minded to China where a new era of science will flower. Chinese will become the global language and in the do course of time, China will colonize the outer solar system. The arrogant western science that had rejected Rossi will wither away and those who opposed Rossi will become unemployed as the great centers of learning move to the east. The relics of pompous certitude will eventually pass from the memory of science as a result of lingering spiritual and physical starvation. Stupidity is a cardinal intellectual sin and has a terrible price of retribution to be paid. The time of the judgement of civilizations is at hand. The U.S. and all those who advise her will pay a terrible price for their pride and arrogance.

Axil Axil