Airbus to Fly E-Fan Electric Plane Next Month

Thanks to the LENR–ECat site for featuring the following video from Airbus about a new all-electric plane they are developing called the E-Fan. Airbus plans its maiden flight this July.

From the Airbus website:

Airbus Group’s all-electric E-Fan demonstrator aircraft is set to cross the English Channel on 10 July, flying from Lydd, England to Calais, France. This historic flight will demonstrate the potential of electric aviation, and is to be performed in the reverse direction of Louis Bleriot’s landmark crossing on July 25, 1909 with a Bleriot XI aircraft. See more information here

There’s been interest in Airbus among LENR followers because of their recently published patent application, which shows there is some interest at the company in LENR as a potential energy source. LENR is not a requirement, of course, for E-aircraft, but in the future there may be ways to incorporate it into this new generation of planes.

Below is a video featuring the E-Fan.