New Brillouin Patent Application for ‘Phonon Energy’ Published

Thanks to Sanjeev for sharing this link to a new patent filed by Brillouin Energy.

The title is “Energy Generation Apparatus and Method”

Here’s the abstract:

A practical technique for inducing and controlling the fusion of nuclei within a solid lattice. A reactor includes a loading source to provide the light nuclei which are to be fused, a lattice which can absorb the light nuclei, a source of phonon energy, and a control mechanism to start and stop stimulation of phonon energy and/or the loading of reactants. The lattice transmits phonon energy sufficient to affect electron-nucleus collapse. By controlling the stimulation of phonon energy and controlling the loading of light nuclei into the lattice, energy released by the fusion reactions is allowed to dissipate before it builds to the point that it causes destruction of the reaction lattice.

The full patent can be read here: