New Celani Paper Reports Improved Excess Heat Production, and Voltage Generation in a Reactor

A post on Daniele Passerini’s website provides information about new research carried out by a team led by Francesco Celani, a longtime Italian LENR researcher.

In new testing by Celani et al., they report an interesting phenomenon in their reactor in addition to the generation of excess heat: ‘spontaneous voltage generation’.

The report states: “The observation of a single-wire spontaneous voltage generation in our experimental set-up, apart the aimed increase of AHE amount (using Fe in the most recent specific case), represents one of the main developments of our recent research activity. The phenomenon consists in the generation of a voltage between the extremities of the non-powered wire in the reactor.”

This could possibly be related to a similar phenomenon of electrostatic force reported by Andrea Rossi in his testing of the Hot Cat, and which is apparently the subject of testing at Industrial Heat.

The article also reports that adding iron layers to the Constantan wire improves the performance of the reactor, as does using fiberglass sheathing in the reactor.

Here’s the abstract of the article:

Since 2011, we introduced in LENR Research field the use of a Constantan alloy to absorb and adsorb proper amounts
of H2 or D2 (concentrated and/or mixed with noble gases of low thermal conductivity) and to generate thermal
anomalies even at low temperatures (>200°C wire temperature). Based on this idea, we developed a reactor with a core of sub-micrometric layered Constantan wires that produced measurable excess power and showed result with some
reproducibility. During the years, we modified this base configuration with the purpose of improving both the
reproducibility and the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE). We used fiberglass sheaths for ensuring electrical insulation and found out, by chance, that this material even improves the performance of the reactor. In the most recent configuration, we studied the effects of the addition of Fe nanolayers to Constantan wires and of several small knots along their extension, resulting in a larger excess power growing with wire temperature. Finally, we detected a new anomalous electric effect, consisting in the generation of a spontaneous voltage between the ends of a floating wire in the reactor, enhanced and stabilized by Fe presence.

The full text of the article can be found here: