New LENR Paper: “Thermal Resonance Fusion” from China Institute of Atomic Energy

Thanks to Lou Pagnucco on the LENR Forum for posting a link to a newly published paper on titled “Thermal Resonance Fusion” by Bao-Guo Dong of the China Institute of Atomic Energy in Beijing, China, in which the author proposes a mechanism for a new way of producing nuclear fusion.

Interestingly, this is the same institute that sponsored the experimental LENR work of Songsheng Jiang which was published in a report in May 2015 — so here’s another indication of Chinese interest in LENR.

Here’s a summary of the proposed mechanism from the article:

In summary, we have suggested a possible mechanism to create a new type of nuclear fusion, thermal resonance fusion, i.e. low energy nuclear fusion with thermal resonance of light nuclei or atoms, such as D or T. The fusion of two light nuclei has to overcome the Coulomb barrier between them to reach the interacting region of nuclear force. We found low energy nuclear fusion could be realized with thermal vibrations of crystal lattice atoms
coupling with light atoms at low energy by resonance to overcome this Coulomb barrier. The other mechanism is the thermal resonance combining with the tunnel effect to realize the fusion

The abstract and link to full text can be found here: