Boeing Laser Fusion Engine Patent Accepted (Ian Walker)

The following post was submitted by Ian Walker

Hi all

Boeing have had their patent for a Laser Fusion engine accepted. They are not specific about the exact nature of the fuel pellets which are hydrogen or deuterium filled within some form of spherical shell.,068,562.PN.%2526OS%3DPN%2F9,068,562%2526RS%3DPN%2F9,068,562&PageNum=&Rtype=&SectionNum=&idkey=NONE&Input=View+first+page

This coming so soon after Airbus’s LENR patent leads me to believe the big players are beginning to position themselves for an LENR future.

Some time ago I mentioned that using radiant energy to initiate a reaction in preloaded LENR fuel might result in a vigorous reaction, this was in relation to suggestions of using Microwaves rather than heater coils. If LENR is phonon induced surface reaction in condensed matter as many theories predict. Then using light or microwaves to induce the reaction may be what Boeing are up to with hydrogen or deuterium within spherical shells composed of a carrier substance, a plastic or mixed with say preloaded suitable transition metal salted with lithium and using laser compression to initiate a more substantial hot fusion reaction.

My worry about this is hard radiation and weapons potential.

Kind Regards, walker

More information can be found in this article from Yahoo.