The E-Fan Has Landed (Airbus Electric Plane Crosses Channel)

I’m glad to hear that the E-Fan, a new electric airplane built by Airbus has safely made it across the English Channel today. The plane, powered solely by lithium batteries, took off from an airport in Kent, England and landed near Calais.

While I’m sure that the plan was for Airbus to get the credit of being the first to make such a trip today, apparently there was a flight that made the journey last night. Ars Technica reports: “We are hearing that, under the cover of darkness last night, Hugues Duwal decided to cross the English Channel in his tiny Cri Cri electric plane.”

Below is a report from the BBC:

Anyway, in the long run, who did it first is not the most important thing to me — I just think it’s good progress to see this kind of technological achievement. The BBC report says it produces no emissions — but of course that is only true if the source of electricity that charged it was generated without emissions.