Report of New Successful Parkhomov/E-Cat Replication from Moscow [Update: Preparing Report in August]

Thanks to those who have alerted me about a short report on the Russian Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM site about a new apparently successful replication of an E-Cat replica by a group from Russia. This is the link to the post:

Here’s a Google translation of text:

Yuri Malakhov, Igors Stepanovs and Nguyen Quoc Chi launched a device that gives excess energy (analogue-Parkhomov Rossi)

Employee Igor Stepanov Physics Department of Moscow State University and employees of the MEI Nguyen Quoc Chi and Yuri Malakhov created a device in which a cylindrical cell is loaded with a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride, is located in the calorimeter with running water.
After three attempts to launch completes the rapid destruction of the cell by uncontrolled overheating, June 19, 2015 have achieved stable operation with the release of excess energy. More than an hour at a temperature of about 1100 ° C 2100 W of heat allocated with the input electric power of about 850 watts.

It’s a very intriguing summary, and it will be important to get more information about this test, but at first glance there seems to be some strong indication of excess heat, with a COP above 2. The ‘uncontrolled overheating’ would be very interesting to get more information about, as that is something that would show strong evidence of a non-chemical event. It’s time to try and make some contacts to find out more if we can.

UPDATE: Thanks to Peter Gluck for sharing a response he received from the Russian team. The group will be taking a break during the vacation season, and prepare a report during August. Peter thinks they may present at a meeting in Sochi, Russia in early September.