New Russian Journal Article: Chinese Researchers find Excess Heat and Transmutation found in Palladium-Deuterium System

Thanks to David Nygren and AlainCo for sharing this interesting find on the LENR-Forum

An article in the August 2015 issue Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A reports on an experiment by researchers Xin Lu (of Changchun University of Science and Technology in Changchun, China) and Jian Tian (of Changchun University) with a palladium-deuterium system where both excess heat and transmutations were found when a current was applied. Here’s the abstract of the article:

A relationship was studied among D/Pd gas-solid system current, pressure and producing excess heating in this paper. The results indicated that when the pressure of deuterium is at 9 × 104 Pa, electric current is 8 A and lasting heat is 40 days, the superheating energy is 280 MJ, the maximum superheating power is 80 W and averaging to each palladium atom energy for the superheating energy is 1.7 × 104 eV. Analysis of the sample by SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and EDS (energy dispersive spectrometry) found that after the current triggering the surface of sample was changed and new elements such as Pb, Sn, Ca, and Ag appeared. The results suggested that the superheating appeared come from a nuclear transmutation.

The full text of the article can be obtained for a fee via Springer Link here:

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