Leonardo Corp. Looking to Sell E-Cat Heat at Customer Sites (Update: Rossi Confirms and Comments)

There’s an interesting find on the LENR-Forum today.

The Ecat.com website, which is run by Hydrofusion, a Swedish licensee for Leonardo Corp. in Europe, has a page on their website titled “ECAT Heat Energy” with the following information:

Leonardo Corporation now offers ECAT Heat Energy as a separate product solution. The ECAT plants are owned and operated by Leonardo Corporation while installed in the customers facilities or at a location in the vicinity of the customers facilities depending on local needs and infrastructure.

The ECAT Heat Energy is delivered by steam at 100-120 Celsius and extracted through the customers local heat exchangers. Return temperatures can be in any range between 5-95 Celsius.

Leonardo Corporation initially look for customers with 24/7 facility operation due to ECAT plants preferred continuous operation.

Please contact for quotes


This seems to be a significant piece of news, since it looks like Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation has settled on a business model for selling heat. It appears that Leonardo will be selling heat, not E-Cat plants, and will be operating the plants on customer sites, or close to those sites. I’m sure one main reason for this is to protect the plants, to prevent customers from tampering with the E-Cats in efforts to discover secret information.

I’ve sent some questions to Andrea Rossi to find out more. I’m interested to find out where in the world these plants could be deployed. Industrial Heat, as I understand it, has licensing rights for the United States, and maybe there will be a similar arrangement in the USA. I’m not sure when these plants will be available, but maybe this is a sign that things are going well enough with the customer testing plants that they are preparing for deployment of plants elsewhere.

UPDATE: I have received the following response to my inquiry from Andrea Rossi:

“The service of energy sale will be supplied after the end of the tests on course. About the Territories wherein this service will be supplied, due information will be given when opportune.”