New Test Completed by Denis Vasilenko — Report Published

Denis Valilenko (aka Firaxtech) has reported that he has begun a new test with a Parkhomov-style reactor. This time he is not providing a live data or video stream, but he has noted that already there has some unusual temperature measurements.

This quote has been posted on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project Facebook page.

@12.27 CET Denis said
“More information will be in the evening, but I can say at once, the temperature anomalies are very large and very strange had already begun to 250C”
he started at 11.30 MSK [Moscow time]

Denis has said he’s using a ceramic tube reactor with a mix of 1g carbonyl nickel and 0.1 LiAlH4, with input being sine wave of 50 HZ. Here’s a photo of his reactor:


I hope we’ll get more updates as the day goes on. I’ll add anything significant to this post.

Denis has posted a report of the experiment at the LENR-Forum here, and has put data and images on Google drive here

In summary Denis writes:

“Deviation 8% calorimeter (power loss 7-8%), with maximum temperatures of minimum loss was 1.5%.
The main question today – why such anomalies thermocouple? The graphs clearly show that even at a temperature of 1200C to sharp differences arose. Maybe someone faced with a similar and will be able to explain? While come to mind thoughts of mundane problems thermocouple inside the tube.”

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