Rossi Sleeping in Shipping Container after Hernia Surgery

Andrea Rossi revealed today that he has had surgery to repair a hernia that has been brought on by “physical stress”. He said he had a bed brought into the container where he is monitoring the E-Cat plant. I asked him if he was sleeping on the site now (or if the bed is just to lie down on at work)

Andrea Rossi
July 20th, 2015 at 2:59 PM
Frank Acland:
Yes until the pain is over and I can move.
Just a couple of dsys the surgeon said, not a big issue.
For me would be far more painful stay away from my plant.
Warm Regards
A. R.

This really doesn’t surprise me a bit, knowing a bit about Rossi’s devotion to his work. I wonder if the physical stress is brought on by his daily exercise routine which he says is either cycling or running. I doubt he’s doing too much physical exertion in the plant — unless he is doing a lot of mechanical work there.

I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: New comment on the situation: “Anyway my team brings me on the stretcher bed the plant where I have to see and listed her, so I can work even if I can’t move the abdomen.”