Rossi: Leonardo and Licensees Preparing for ‘Massive Attack’ in the Marketplace

Andrea Rossi made an interesting comment today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics in connection with a question about whether E-Cat products would be available in the marketplace ‘massively’ if the current test on the 1MW plant is a success. Here was his response:

Andrea Rossi
July 29th, 2015 at 8:37 PM
Jack Witter:
Yes, if the results will be positive we will start a strong production. We are already organizing it. Obviously we need solid and sure results from the tests on course on the 1 MW plant. I sympathize with all the people that is waiting for the E-Cat for sale and I am deeply grateful to them, but I’m sure they are smart and understand that we can put for sale this product massively at two conditions:
1- we must be 100% sure of the success
2- we must be able to propose the E-Cat at a price that will make reverse engineering from our competitors useless. I am not decoubertinian and I am not oriented to give graciously to my competitors our technology for free, after dedicating my life to it, without saving a drop of blood.
When we will be ready, we will attack massively. Now we are not ready. A premature attack could be devastating for Leonardo Corporation and its Licensees in all the world and for the present and future investors, necessary to generate a real worldwide expansion. To obtain it the conservation of the Intellectual property is foundamental.The pressure we are getting to act prematurely comes mainly from our competitors, sometime disguised as “friends”.
Warm Regards,

We know by now Rossi’s philosophy about intellectual property — he’s not giving it away. And it looks like the timing depends on the successful performance of the 1 MW plant. When he talks about being 100% sure of success, I think he means that they have to be certain that the products put into the marketplace will operate as advertised. Otherwise, he is right — it would be devastating of after a period of operation, even if it was months, the plants started to malfunction and they had to do major damage control. So one year of successful running seems to make sense there.

When it comes to ‘attacking massively’ I asked some follow up questions to get a better idea of what he meant. Here they are with his responses:

1. When you talk about a ‘massive attack’, does this mean making E-Cats available around the world all at once? 1- yes

2. Does the ‘massive attack’ involved first Industrial E-Cats (before domestic is available), or both at once? 2- we’ll start with industrial that already are certified

3. Will the ‘massive attack’ begin soon after the current test is completed (if positive)? 3- yes

So the plan seems to be to launch all-out production of low temperature industrial heating units around the world quite soon after the 1MW plant is deemed to operate satisfactorily. As we’ve mentioned here before the market for such plants is vast, especially when you take into account heating and cooling needs (via absorption refrigeration).

It’s interesting to see again Rossi talk about Leonardo Corp. and its Licensees — rather than just Industrial Heat. It appears that Rossi himself wants to be in the drivers seat when this ‘massive’ commercial launch gets underway.